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Piano Burn 2023

On the 10th Anniversary of Reid's passing, the 43rd Electronic Combat Squadron at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona (where Reid was stationed from 2007-2012) held a roll call and piano burn in Reid's honor.

We know that Reid, whose Air Force call sign was Short Round, will live on as long as his loved ones continue to share their memories of him.

2023 Piano Burn photo 3.jpg


Special thanks to Maj "CLUTCH" Bailey for coordinating an amazing event and hosting the Gathering of Bats to share memories of Reid and put on display a small sample of how he impacted so many lives


"Once a Bat, Always a Bat"

The 43 ECS is one of the oldest squadrons in the United States Air Force, with origins dating back to 17 August 1917. Its decorated history touches WWI, WWII, and the Cold War. Today the 43 ECS flies the EC-130 Compass Call.

Lt Col Josh Singsaas

Current 43 ECS Commander and Flight Commander alongside Reid during his first tour at Davis-Monthan, shares a story that dates back 20-years when they were both CTAs at Ellsworth AFB in the summer of 2003.

Maj "Beavis" Wilson

Met Reid during training in the MC-12 at Beale AFB, talks about meeting Reid for the first time and his welcoming warm personality that made him so approachable and likable.

Maj "Kaiser" Heimburger

Worked with Reid in the scheduling shop and was new to the community when Reid was an instructor pilot. Kaiser shares a story about how his experiences flying with Reid influences how he instructs his students today.

Maj "Skeeter" Allen

As a member of the Bats' sister squadron, 41 ECS Scorpions, Skeeter flew with Reid while building his experience in the EC-130. Skeeter shares his memories of Reid from 2012 and the impact he had on the entire 55th Electronic Combat Group.


2023 Piano Burn photo 2.jpg

Additional Thank You

  • Lt Col "Skids" Nelson (unable to attend the event) was very close to Reid while in the Compass Call community. Skids generously shared pictures and deployment mementos to support the event. 

  • Maj "Laser" Ellington (unable to attend the event) played a big role helping make the event a success by gathering pictures and stories of Reid and provided valuable details about Reid's time with the Bats. 

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